lay a good foundation

We often hear of the importance of laying a good foundation. Common sense tells us that without a good foundation, a structure is unlikely to stand. Whether we use the term metaphorically, as in bringing up a child with a good foundation, or literally, as in building a strong foundation upon which to place a building, the key point remains; we must build upon what is solid for lasting results. In today’s article, the author Les Brandt explains how to lay a good foundation on a block of wood to carve a sphere, but also reminds us that laying a good foundation is critical in so many aspects of life.

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lay a good foundation

Severed Tenon Repair Removing the Nail

Joshua Klein  of the workbench diary shows us how  a craftsman from Klein Restoration works to repair a severed tenon on an old chair. The challenge is that the original tenon was nailed in place, flush of course, and that nail now needs to be removed. Klein suggests using a specific nail puller, and details how to remove just enough wood to grip the nail, as well as how to hide the hole.

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Severed Tenon Repair: Part Two, Removing the Nail

A Kerfing Plane in France

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End Tables With Hand Tools

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Carving a Rose Sample Board

Badger Woodworks is putting on a class on how to carve the "Tudor" style rose board. This sample board has two flanking roses along with some writing in the middle that was done freehand. This is great practice for practicing your carving motion and … [Continue reading]

Knotted Pulls are the Goal

Greg Merritt loves tying knots. He recognizes that, in an ever-changing world during the Information Age, people do not have to make their own hardware; however, Greg combines his woodworking skills and knot tying when he shows how to make knotted … [Continue reading]

Yes Wood Moves, but it Doesn’t MOVE!

Wood at its best has some inherent qualities that might surprise you. Yep, wood moves. Once I left some 2x4s in the garage, and next day I found them out on the deck having a luau. Ok wood doesn't move that much, but some of its intrinsic … [Continue reading]