Ice Storm 12/22/2013

Close up of Cherry Tree

I am not sure there is anything more destructive than water. It tears down mountains by erosion it seeps into cracks int the rocks and freezes making the cracks larger and larger until the rocks break apart. Almost every one in the US has experienced an ice storm at one time or another. Ice has […]

Deer Season 21013

2013 9 point 11/15/2013

One of the best things about deer season for me is the chance to simply take a day off. I can set in the woods all day and simply enjoy nature. Opening day 2013 was a warm day. I saw many deer and managed to take some nice video of Turkey and some deer. Hunting […]

Corrosion Protection New F150 Crazy or Not?

Rockers Note Hole in End

    Having lived my entire adult life in the rust belt of the United States I have always fought the battle with rusty vehicles. Once trust starts there’s virtually nothing you can do to stop it. Probably the most proactive thing one can do to combat rust is to keep their vehicle clean, weekly pressure […]