Do We Need Saw Stop Legislation?

Do we need the federal government to regulate the SawStop technology? Bill Lattanzio discusses his displeasure in the “carelessness of the [U.S.] Federal Government” to enact SawStop technology. The SawStop technology is a flesh sensing technology that instantaneously stops the saw blade on table saws preventing injury to the user.

I see a place for this in the industry but do we need this technology on every table saw sold? When I look at new legislation I always ask where will it stop? Should flesh sensing tech be on band saws? Straight line rip saws? Planers, Drill press? I have smashed my fingers more than once with a hammer?

My table saw in my shop has a power feeder on it 99% of what I do on it is rip which is its intended use, with the power feeder I can hardly see the blade and my fingers never get close to the blade. I would wager that an overwhelming number of table saw injuries are a result of improper use and not using the supplied guards?

I think that flesh sensing technology will be slowly integrated into the industry once more options besides SawStop are available. Look how long it took airbags to become integrated into automobiles.

What is your opinion?

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When will we learn?