Kebiki Homebrewn

Looking through his toolbox, Mathieu finds one of the most efficient woodworking tools, the Kebiki which is a marking gauge. traditionally craftsman would make their own Kebiki as a point of pride.  Read along as Mathieu tells us about the … [Continue reading]

Why We Woodworkers Do What We Do

The art of woodworking is about the passion to create and hone skills in the craft. Woodworking goes beyond the term "hobby" because of the passion and effort put into each piece and ultimately turn into a full time career instead of just a passing … [Continue reading]

Making Wooden Flowers

This is one post in  the series of "How to Make Wooden Flowers". This steps described are not critical to completing the flowers, but add aesthetic appeal. The steps include soaking wood shavings to allow them to curl, placing them in a calyx … [Continue reading]

You Can Drill Straight Holes Without a Drill Press

There are ways to drill straight perpendicular holes without a drill press or when a drill press is not usable. There is something called a "Cletus-Bore drunk" jig which you can use as a guide to keep your bit straight.  The construction is … [Continue reading]

Do We Need Saw Stop Legislation?

Do we need the federal government to regulate the SawStop technology? Bill Lattanzio discusses his displeasure in the "carelessness of the [U.S.] Federal Government" to enact SawStop technology. The SawStop technology is a flesh sensing technology … [Continue reading]

The Frame Saws of Colonial Williamsburg

Blogger Bill Rainford traveled to Colonial Williamsburg to discover reproductions of early American frame saws. A two-man frame saw used at the Anthony Hay Cabinetmaker's Shop has a blade forged by Colonial Williamsburg blacksmiths and is based on a … [Continue reading]

How to Achieve a Black or Ebonized Finish on Oak & Maple

MinWax Ebony Stain on Oak

Achieving a jet black or ebonized finish on Oak or Maple is a common request. Many are looking for that Black look but still want to retain the grain texture that is a associated with Oak. One would think that they could just purchase some black … [Continue reading]